The ORIGINAL Manhattan to Topeka Relay



 70+ mile relay from Manhattan Running Company to Kansas’ State Capital


More than 100k  of memories….

Teams:  Ideal number of runners per team is 6. Up to 10 people are allowed on a team.

  • Teams are encouraged to support runners on the course where possible.
  • $30/person registration fee for teams of 3 – 10 runners UNTIL MAY 15TH
  • . May 16th – July 10th $35 per runner. July 11th through August 4th. $40 per runner. August 5th through September 20th $50 per runner.

Ultra distance “HARDCORE”  runners: Up to 20 teams of one or two runners will be allowed.  Contact Sophia Wharton at for more information.

  • Earlier start time will be allowed but the course will not be supported (course marking will start at 5:00 am).
  • $65/person registration fee for “Hardcore” teams of 1 – 2 runners.

What’s great about this relay?

  • Apple to Capital will head from west to east across central Kansas, that means the wind will be at your back most likely.
  • Ultraphia Racing is committed to making sure your TEAM experience is a memorable one (in a good way!). We’ll provide everything you need to know from terrain to simply packing the right supplies in your car, to navigating the car route.

The Goal: When your final team runner circles the beautiful capital building in Topeka, it will be an exhausting, yet thrilling emotional moment for your whole team as they cheer in their runner.

Information: Bookmark this site! This is a mobile active website. We’ll be updating and adding information as the race gets closer. Even if you are “Late to the Party,” we’ll have the down and dirty, quick tools you’ll need so you can have a successful team event.

Share your thoughts: Ultraphia racing has made it possible for you to post your comments on this page. We’ll respond as quickly as we can to questions about the race, training or any other concern that might creep up. Hey, we are ultra runners, so we understand anxiety. Of course we love all runners, no matter how long or short they trot!

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About ultraphia

I'm a violinist turned television journalist, turned Mizuno Running Territory Manager. This is the greatest job ever. I have 30 different running specialty stores I work with across 3 and a half states. Awesome people and it promotes the local economies. I say I went from the business of selling hopelessness (TV news) to the business of selling HOPE.

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  1. Can the whole team run the final leg together?

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